Monday, 14 April 2014

Australia: A Few Excellent Tips For Expats

Red earth and a massive rock right in the middle. That’s just one way to describe Australia, but there is more to it than stunning nature and poisonous wildlife. Whether you are making the move down under for a better career, to be with your sweetheart or for any other reason one can think of ... 

Read these tips and I hope your big Australia move goes as problem free as the sun goes down at the end of each day.

Plan just a little bit more …
After you have organised a suitable Visa (which will get you into the country) and shipped your belongings, it’s time to get your accommodation sorted. The Australian rental market is not as relaxed as you might expect. Be prepared and try to start viewing houses or apartments a couple of weeks before your move. That way you will get a feel for what is realistic. Once you know your exact time of arrival, arrange meetings with estate agents. Before you’ll get keys handed over you will have to provide three references and rental bonds. As soon as these formalities are in place everything goes very quick, renting in Australia is a very well regulated affair. There are many websites to help you find your Australian dream property.

Location, location, location?
You want to live in a penthouse with a view over Sydney Harbour?
Some people do ...  An exceptional view comes with a high price tag attached. A three-bedroom house in the suburb of Albert Park in Melbourne, Victoria can set you back approx AUD 950 per week. Don’t invest all your income in rent, you don’t want to lose your financial freedom ... but still, if you like to watch a film at a cinema and go to nice Restaurants be careful not to move too far out of town, the commute can be lengthy and it will spoil the fun.

Find a recruitment Agency …
If you don’t already have a job in Australia, contact one of the recruitment agencies in Australia. No matter whether you are looking for part-time or full-time employment, send your CV to an agency and give them a call before you arrive, this will be to your advantage. Please do not forget that you will need to have a work permit in order to work in Australia.

Be sociable, merry and mingle ...
Really want to understand Australian lifestyle? Go to as many parties, costume parties, barbecues, and charity events, corporate events, and film festivals, and exhibitions as you can and leave nothing out. After a while you get to know people who share the same interests and they will become your circle of friends. Ask other expats, they sure have made the same experiences as you and usually everyone is happy to share their stories with you.

Get used to the costs of living …
If there is one thing that expats in Australia cannot get over (ever!?), it is that life in Australia is expensive. The costs of living need a bit of getting used to. If there was a cyclone bananas can cost up to AUD 20/kilo. Right. Simply go with the flow.

Go grocery shopping at markets …
Australia is a lovely place for market shopping. Prahran Market in Melbourne CBD, Rose Street Market in Fitzroy, Eumundi Markets in Queensland, Central Market in Adelaide, Mindil Beach Market in NT and Eveleigh Farmers Market in Sydney are just some of the popular markets you can find on the continent. Here you’ll find either food and/or clothes. Mix with the locals and become part of the community.

Explore more
In every corner of the continent there is something to see. From Bondi beach in Sydney to billabongs in the Northern Territory, you’ll sure find something impressive to discover no matter how long you live in Australia.

Dive into the Australian culture
Start with tiny things first, for example get to know some Australian slang, it tells you a lot about the Australian culture and mind-set. Than visit a sport event and move from there on … But most of all, enjoy the ride and have fun in Australia.

What would you like to add to these tips? I am looking forward to hear from you.


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